BSBINT409B Assessment Task 1

Topics: Cargo, Transport, Containerization Pages: 4 (866 words) Published: January 31, 2015
Q1. (Element 1 - criteria 1.1-1.4)

1.1 List four examples of goods that are exported or imported into Australia by Air.

-Chemical and related products
-Miscellaneous manufactured articles
-Pharmaceutical products
-High value jewellery

1.2 List four examples of goods that are exported or imported into Australia by Sea.

-Food and live animals
-Mineral fuels, lubricants and related materials
-Machinery and transport equipment
-Electronic equipment

1.3Give examples of four products that would be transported in shipping containers.
- Foods
-Personal products
-Dangerous goods

1.3 Give examples of four products that would not be transported in containers.

-Human being
-Live animals

1.5How are the route and mode of transport inter-connected?

Choose the right method of transport depends on the distance, the geographic location of the destination, the nature of the goods and the budget. For example, transport by sea can be used if a company need to deliver goods of high volume, not in an immediately period and spending less money. Shipping by air, instead, is used if the goods are required in few days but it is more expensive than sea or land, depending on the weight of the goods.

1.6Explain in terms of conditions and risk, using 4 examples, different products, such as furniture, vegetables, seafood, cars, electronic goods, books, coal, oil, iron ore, medical equipment, medicines, animals, jewellery, dangerous goods (such as liquefied gas or plutonium) and tourists are transported by different methods into and out of Australia.

People can decide to travel by air or by sea using cruise ship. Seafood and frozen foods are only transported with refrigerated container but if there are any problems with the cooling system, all products need to be discarded. Oil tanker is a ship designed for the transport of oil but it is...
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