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Kudler Frequent Shopper System
Retailers use frequent shopper programs to reward customers for shopping loyalty with exclusive offers and attracts new customers by discounting certain products when they use a shopper card. Kudler Fine Foods hopes to capitalize on the frequent buyer program marketing strategy to improve operational efficiency and increase the consumer purchase cycle. The purchasing data provides a detailed list of consumer buying trends invaluable to the company and its suppliers. Kudler Frequent Shopper Program

Kudler Fine Foods provides upscale high quality and specialty foods items from three locations in the San Diego, California metropolitan area. The company hopes to structure the frequent shopper program by creating an intimate relationship with customers. The firm tracks data collected by the point-of-sale terminal cash registers to integrate into a database tracking customer purchase behavior over time. By tracking purchases on an individual customer level the company will provide high value incentives through a partnership with a loyalty points program. Customers earn redeemable loyalty points for high end gifts including airfare, first class upgrades, or specialty foods. Goals and Accomplishments

The purchasing data provides a detailed list of consumer buying trends invaluable to the company’s operational efficiency. The purchase behavior pattern helps the company to refine the processes and offerings that best satisfies their valued customers to increase the consumer purchase cycle. The Kudler stores structure gears toward the ability to provide total customer satisfaction. Offering a changing selection of gourmet foods as they become available satisfies current customers. By tracking purchases each new merchandise evaluation reduces the costs of ordering excessive levels of foods and minimizes the amount of food to be stored. Analyzing card data helps to understand how many consumers purchased the product when it was...

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