Bsa 310 Week 2

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Kudler Fine Foods are based out of several locations out of the state of California – the driving objective if for Kudler Fine Foods is to accomplish maximum profit by way of providing quality products at competitive prices to other competitors. Kudler Fine Foods has plans for future growth by expanding of the services by a sharpening the efficiency of their operations. Kudler Fine Foods also like to increase loyalty and profits to their organization and has been interested in developing a system to track customers purchase through frequent shopper program to award loyalty points for redemption.


In order to start this process Kudler Fine Foods will need certain elements that must be deployed before hand; we will be discussing the legal, ethical, and security consideration for the development of this program to launch. And we will combine the separate entities into an operational system in order to track purposes of individual customers this way we are able to track the customers loyalty points for redemption for specialty foods and gift items and other products made available by our partnership companies.

Legal Concerns

Kudler Fine Foods managers must know the legal concerns of the reward program include privacy issues which will be addressed in the membership agreement with specific and detailed company privacy policy ensuring the security of each customer’s personnel information. Upon customer agreement to participate in the frequent shopper program through the signing of this membership agreement, the customer and Kudler Fine Foods are legally bound to adhere to the terms of service indicated in the membership agreement and should provide details concerning of what is expected of both parties involved, including how loyalty points are obtained, delivered, and redeemed.

Security Concerns

IT security policies need to address the customers concerns in regards to handling their personal information with a third...
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