Bsa 310 Kudler Frequent Shopper Program

Topics: Loyalty program, Requirements analysis, Computer Pages: 5 (1551 words) Published: July 5, 2011
Kudler Fine Foods is a much renowned food store, established at the different locations in California. The main focus of the store is to have ‘profit maximization’ by providing quality products at appropriate prices, in comparison of the competitors. The firm also wants to satisfy its clientele. Through this objective, the store wants to acquire major expansion. It currently wishes to enlarge its services by attaining perfection in the in the operational activities. Kudler also desires to increase the 'consumer purchase cycle' which they hope will result in an increase of both profitability as well as loyalty. Kudler's latest idea to increase its revenue is to implement a customer rewards program that will record customer purchases that will and allow them to monitor trends in purchasing that will allow to customize their purchasing to allow them to satisfy the customers better. Prior to implementing the customer rewards program, Kudler's will be forced to consider issues that may arise during development while also analyzing the cost to implement a successful ecommerce website. The Kudler Fine Foods Sales and Marketing Department plans to reward customers through a loyalty point program. The aim of this Frequent Shopper program is to track customer purchases and analyze patterns that may be present. The beginning of this program will inspire customer loyalty and allow them to react to customer shopping orientations. Specialty items are expected to be more critical than the price of the original items they were intending on purchasing, in this instance instead of giving a daily discounts to increase purchases, Kudler's began a loyalty points program to reward customers with points that can be redeemed for high-value gift items, or other items such as airline advances or various specialty foods.

By using this rewards program, Kudler Fine Foods will have the benefit of being able track customer purchases and observe trends in those purchases. Customers will use a rewards membership card to identify themselves with the purchases they are making. After a few purchases, customers could be entitled to collect rewards like airline seating upgrades, free specialty foods, or expensive gift items. The Kudler database system has a database table for customers, but the only information collected contains demographic information. The new database could be expanded by adding a table of transactions; this table can use a member identification number as a foreign key, which could be the primary key in the customer database. The main goals of the Frequent Shopper program aims to encourage loyalty, with hopes to better react to purchasing demands as well as augment food governing abilities. A successful launch of the program would augment revenue by modifying customer loyalty, meeting customer wishes, and decrease expenditures by amending product inventory procedures. The program should execute within specific time along with the involvement of stakeholder representatives as their contribution will be required for the program to be successful: •Every location of Kudler Fine Foods: Universal program initiation. •Purchasing: In order to utilize data collected by the program, and thereby predict food orders, the Kudler Fine Food's purchasing department will need to collect and evaluate this data. • Sales and Marketing: sales and marketing representatives will be needed to participate as they will be the initial customer of the program. •Information Technology: IT representatives will need to be concerned in development requirements as they will help in ascertaining the demands of the requirement. •Loyalty points program: A representative from the loyalty point’s program must be called for to describe new ideas or the experienced ideas.

Assessing the feasibility of the Frequent Shopper Program enhancement is an important step for Kudler Fine Foods to determine the chance of success for the project. Three specific types of...
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