BSA 310 (Business Systems) Complete Course

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Course Description:
BSA 310 (Business Systems) Complete Course
BSA 310 Week 1 DQ 1 And 2

A “business system”, as defined by Georgetown University, is “a combination of people and automated applications organized to meet a particular set of business objectives. Describe a business system you use in your work environment. What is the business objective of the business system?

A companies “Business Model” serves to (1) articulate the value proposition, (2) identify a market segment, (3) define the structure of the firm’s “value chain”, (4) specify the revenue generation mechanisms, (5) describe the position of the firm within the value network, and (6) to formulate the competitive strategy.

BSA Week 1 Individual Assignment System Inventory)
BSA 310 Week 1 Supporting Activity

BSA 310 Week 2

BSA 310 Week 2 DQ

1. Review Chapter 3 in the eBook. Apply Porter’s competitive forces model to your organization. Who are the new market entrants, substitute products, etc.
2. Review Chapter 4 in the eBook. Explain how informed consent, legislation, industry self-regulation, and technology tools help protect the individual privacy of Internet users.
Describe common threats against contemporary information systems in your organization. What can be done to mitigate the risks imposed?
Security isn’t simply a technology issue, it’s a business issue. Discuss.
BSA 310 Week 2 Individual Assignment
BSA 310 Week 2 Supporting Activity

BSA 310 Week 3 DQ

The text identified three common legal forms of business...
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