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whats the difference between AB psychology at BS psychology

*AB is Bachelors in arts of psych. BS is Bachelors in science. with bach. in arts you focus more on the social sciences, like humanism. with a bach. in science you focus more in the biological perspective, in the scientific side of the human behavior 

*Ano po bang dapat kunin na course kung yung gusto mong job ay nagtatrabaho sa mga recording studio? Yung parang gumagawa/nag-eedit ng accompaniment and/or songs ng mga recording artists? Ano rin po ba ang difference ng BS sa BA or AB? Last question, kung Psychology naman po ang ite-take, ano po ang pinaka-ideal na kunin regarding that field? Thanks po!

Communications/Comm Arts/Mass Com, whatever they call it sa school na gusto mo. Haha!

BS/Bachelor of Science, more on well, science and yung mga professional jobs na kelangan mo magtake ng board exam or something. BA/AB/Bachelor of Arts naman, more on well, art haha. More on being an artist or something like that. haha! There are more to what I just said haha! =))

For Psychology, if BS, more on being a doctor and related job. Pag AB naman, more on the corporate world (HR), counselor. You can also teach after. Anything really.

*It doesn't really make that much difference. I got a BA in Psychology undergraduate. It just means that I took English based courses for a minor in English and my major was Psychology. If you get a BS then you take Science based courses for you minor. A minor is 12 hours.

Either one will prepare you for graduate school if she chooses to get her masters or doctorate which is strongly recommended for a career in psychology. A bachelors in psychology doesn't really get you far. Most people go on to get a graduate degree. You can't be a counselor without a masters and you have to have a PhD to be a psychologist which is what I do - I am in private practice and work for myself.

When I was interviewing for psychology graduate school they told me that a BA in psychology had its advantages because they are looking for people who write so my English minor was a plus. They expect you to write articles and book chapters based on the research you conduct in graduate school so writing skills are required. You also write a lot for your thesis and dissertation projects so please encourage her to work on writing quite a bit if graduate school is in her future.

Also many graduate students got a BS and that also has its advantages because there are science based courses required for a graduate degree in psychology. We had to take neuropsychology, biology based psychology, cognitive psychology, and neuropharmacology so you can see why a BS would prepare you well for these courses.

So either way she is prepared. I would tell her to think about what she wants to focus on writing or research/science based aspects of psychology. If she gravitates to one of these areas then that is what she can choose to focus on in undergraduate. If she thinks she will eventually end up in research then a BS is the way to go. If she wants to teach or to be a counselor then a BA may be a better fit for her. It would be great if she started to think about what she wants to do in psychology. You can make a decent amount of money in research if you get good grants. In private practice you could potentially make good money if you set up your practice well and if you have specialty areas that you have expertise in. That way people will seek out your services because you are offering services that have a great need for a select population. But you income in private practice is unstable - yo never know what you are going to make from month to month. Business can be lower during economical crises and you never know how many clients will schedule or show up from week to week so it is hard to predict your income. It constantly fluctuates. So that is something to consider.

I created a page on deciding if you should go into private practice or not. This would...
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