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Brutus vs. Cassius

Mar 18, 2011 282 Words
Jimmy Walters
English IV CP
In the story of Julius Ceaser, Brutus and Cassius compare and contrast in many ways. Brutus is a noble character while Cassius is dishonest and evil. Brutus is also more naive. He tends to dominate the other characters of the play. Brutus is honorable to and everyone likes him. He doesn’t want to kill Caesar just to kill him because he doesn’t want to ruin his reputation he has with the people. On the other hand, Cassius is more realistic. Brutus and Cassius have different reasons why they want to kill Ceaser. Cassius wants Caesar dead and he wants Brutus to do it with him. Brutus wants Caesar dead for the good of Rome. Once Brutus decides to join the conspiracy, he does not view the assassination as a murder, he views it as honor of his country. Cassius wants Caesar dead because he is afraid that Caesar will want to seek more power as soon as he becomes kings. Cassius also hates Caesar because he killed his people. Also Cassius gives reasons why Caesar shouldn’t be king, 1. He can’t swim, 2. He is deaf in one ears, 3. He has epilepsy. In the parade for Caesar, Caesar sees Cassius and says he looks hungry and mean. Cassius persuades people in joining in his conspiracy and to kill Caesar. The only person that hasn’t joined yet is Brutus. So Cassius decides to be a lair and forge letters from the town people and sending them to Brutus’ house saying to kill Caesar for the good of Rome. In the end there is no difference between the two step brothers because Caesar is killed anyway.

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