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Brutus and Antony Speech

By gordinaso May 05, 2013 261 Words
The speeches that the two men displayed persuasion, munipulation, sarcasm, and rhetoric. But Marc Antony and Brutus’ speech’s were very different. The differences between marc antony and brutus’ speech are that brutus munipulated all the people. Marc Antony did not try to munipulate the crowd, he just used rhetoric and sarcasm. Brutus’ speech used munipulation by trying to let all the romans and countrymen believe that he was friends with him and that he was an honorable man. Brutus’ line ” not that i loved caesar less, but i that i loved rome more. Had you rather Caesar were living, and die all slaves, than that Caesar were dead, to live all free men?” that line by Brutus munipulated the crowd. He had everybody believing that he was better to be the leader of the Roman’s. He also chose to point out that he cares more about Rome than Caesar did so he can get everybody on his side. Marc Antony did not display munipulation but, he did use sarcasm, rhetoric, and persuasion. I believe that Marc Antony was more confident in his speech so he did not have to munipulate the crowd. All he said sarcastically was that Brutus is an honorable man when he was really saying that he is a fake trader. I believe that Marc Antony’s speech was better because he did not try to munipulate the crowd. Shakespeare displays that using persuasion and rhetoric is better than munipulation. Marc Antony’s speech shows that words of wisdom can have alot more power than words of a fraud.

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