Brutal Punishment of Medieval Times

Topics: Death Penalty, Torture, Hanging Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: May 28, 2001
In medieval times, punishment was often as brutal as the crimes. The executioners would do bad things to the sinners, such as a method called breaking with the wheel, the head crusher, or even the guillotine.

The sinners would sometimes get hung. The rope that went around the sinners' neck was called the noose. They hung sinners in gallows. They also used a hanging cage.

They also made sinners sit in spiked chairs. The Iron Maiden was an example of one of these.

Pressing was one of the tortures they used. Breaking with the wheel was another torture. Finger pillories and thumb cuffs were used. Although the whip left marks, it wasn't as brutal. People often got whipped 15 to 20 times.

They removed body parts quite a lot. The guillotine was used to remove heads. The headsman's sword did the same thing as the guillotine. They also used a saw to remove arms, legs, etc.

The rack was used to stretch people out. It was the most popular instrument. They beat people to death and burnt people at the stake. They also used the head crusher.

Now, you're probably wondering how to use these instruments. I'll start right at the beginning and tell you.

They hung people by putting their head through a rope, then taking the floor out from under them.

In the hanging cage, they locked someone in a cage and just either let them die of hunger, or rot.

The spiked chairs were just chairs full of spikes that you were locked to.

Pressing is when the town threw rocks at the sinner until he died. Thumb cuffs and finger pillories simply crushed your fingers.

Breaking with the wheel; the sinner was strapped to a large, wooden wheel, then rolled until most, if not all, of the bones in his body were broken.

The guillotine was a tool used to remove heads. Executioners also removed heads with a headsman's sword. The head crusher crushed heads. The chin was placed on a board, and the skull was pressed down with a crank. First, the teeth crushed, then...
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