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General Poetic Features:
* Poetry of and for the common man; the ordinary bloke, the little aussie battler. * poetry belongs not just for eternity and high brows; but to the ordinary person and the ordinary moment. * celebrates the community, the social and working class he identifies with. * celebrates the commonplace, rituals of ordinary experience * concerned with life cycles, rites of passage

* poetry full of humorous, laconic insights (brief-to the point) Language of the everyday Australians – the vernacular, meaning every day, common people.

Bruce Dawe preferred lower case for his titles, however publishers generally over ruled this.

He turned everyday speech patterns of ‘ordinary Australians ‘into the cadences of poetry.

* Vernacular language
* voice of the ordinary people
* natural realistic tones
* celebrates the commonplace
* natural rituals
* life-cycles of ordinary experience
* Reflects the “passing parade of fools.... heroes, victims, innocents and lovable people who fill our day”.  
Uses Demotive1 language - provides emotional distancing, reflecting our attitude of detachment, non-involvement. 1 Opposite of emotive
Though tone may often be satiric;
* it is also full of affection
* Often provides a disturbing challenge to accepted values Common Themes:
* Modern living, Suburbia, loneliness, old age, death & love * War and its detrimental effects on all.
* Sport
* Commercialism
* realistic; not glamourised portrayal of Australians
* Dislike of authority, politicians, commercialism.

Analysis of enter without so much as knocking – 1956
We enter the world rudely, without warning, at awkward inconvenient times, intruding into parent’s lives without consideration and can just as abruptly leave this world. The pretentious Latin caption is the beginning of a Priest’s incantation prior to an Ash Wednesday mass.  

“Remember man that you are dust and to dust you shall return” I. SOUND EFFECTS
Contrast of silence to a crescendo of noise modulating and a return to silence. Onomatopoeic words — Beep, Beep - racy rapid pace. The parenthetical beeps could represent, apart from the obvious car horn, a censorship of swear words. Imagery of the "rat race" - the frustration culminates in a finalBEEP. Noise words: Bobby Dazzler, traffic; (beep beep and BEEP), giant faces snarled and screamed.., accident.

* “Blink, Blink..” Life is short, and over before you know it. * Traces the rites of passage from cradle to the grave.
* Social commentary from perspective of various phases of life. III, TONE
* Varies from gentle sympathetic to subtle satiric as the persona passes from one phase of life to another: objective, sardonic, sarcastic, parodic, cynical disrespectful. flippant, demotive, detached; undercutting pomposity and eroding the falsity and solemnity of any pretence.  

* fast racy, hectic pace of childhood congested life in the fast lane. * imperative tone during adolescence of sign posts “No Breathing!” * impersonal, depersonalised – no names of family members.  The family has no warmth or closeness. * irony and satire of last stanza.

* anonymous archetypal male of the lucky country
* Not didactic - rather we are left to draw our own conclusions. Dramatised scenes
- much of the narrative is acted out;  including direct speech - creates realism; verisimilitudeness.  
Innocence, idealism of youth| realism of experience|
wonderment of stars | “godless money—hungry.|
sensitivity “soft cry..” | ruthlessness “head kicking” | Natural beauty | man-made “fixing ..“ |
1st class mortician’s job | image in real life |
silence of: baby’s sleep! cemetery | Noise of city life|  
Omission  (ellipsis)
Much of...
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