Topics: Prison, Corrections, Slavery Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: September 28, 2011
“Brubaker” was a very interesting film that showed how hard it is to make prison reforms. The new warden, Henry Brubaker, initially enters the prison as an inmate so that he can have a real look at the corruption and ill of the jail. What he witnesses as a prisoner in the Arkansas jail is horrendous. He witnesses an inmate raping another inmate in the dormitory in front of everyone else, abuse and beating of prisoners, and inhumane and unsanitary conditions. There is also a lot of corruption from the prisoners up to the current warden. Food is being taken out of the prison and sold and the prisoners are left to eat scraps. In the movie it shows prisoners cleaning rabbits to eat, and people bidding for certain foods with cash. Brubaker also finds larvae in on of his meals. Brubaker also finds out that there are some men who haven’t been outside of their cell in over six months. He has these men taken out once a day and gives them sunglasses. Everything in the jail is messed up from the ceiling of the prison to the way that it is run. Brubaker’s goal is to change it.

He comes into many obstacles because the corruption in the jail has been going on so long that to change it would mess up the whole way things are run in the prison as well as in its surrounding town. Brubaker comes in and tries to make positive changes, but he is messing up the order of things. Correction officers and civilians in the town want him removed because he is stepping on too many toes.

The prison reminded me of a plantation rather than a prison. The whole set up seemed like modern day slavery. The prison was on a farm so they had the prisoners working in the fields daily, doing slave labor. Prisoners were expected to eat scraps and leftovers, similar to slaves, and the prisoners were also watched over by other prisoners called trustees. During slavery slaves were watched over by other slaves on many plantations. These slaves were trusted by the master and had to beat the...
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