Brown V Boe

Topics: Supreme Court of the United States, Brown v. Board of Education, Thurgood Marshall Pages: 1 (366 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Delshawn Houser
Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka
Throughout history there have been many cases about racism and segregation. Although different laws and rights have been established this seems to be a reoccurring event. The constitution promotes equality, but not everyone seems to agree that all people should be given the same rights. Even in areas such as education there have been differences in the education blacks receive from those that whites receive at their schools. Cases such as Brown V. Board of education of Topeka have paved ways to help make changes and differences in the way things are segregated between blacks and whites. In 1954 things were still very much segregated and racism was still present. Many states had laws establishing separate schools for white students and another for black students. This landmark case made those laws unconstitutional. Brown v Board set the foundation for the civil rights movement and gave African American’s hope that “separate, but equal” on all fronts would be changed. This case helped influence other establishments to stop their segregated ways. In order to make a change we have to recognize the wrongs and differences. Linda Brown was denied admission to her local elementary school in Topeka because she was black. When, combined with several other cases, her suit reached the Supreme Court. Responding to legal and sociological arguments presented by NAACP lawyers led by Thurgood Marshall, the court stressed that the "badge of inferiority" stamped on minority children by segregation hindered their full development no matter how "equal" physical facilities might be. After hearing further arguments on implementation, the court declared in 1955 that schools must be desegregated "with all deliberate speed."

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