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Brown to Blue eyes

By apstudentjeffersonarcaina Oct 12, 2013 278 Words
Laser Treatment Permanently Changing Brown Eyes to Blue

Tired of having boring, brown eyes? Well a new innovation developed by Stroma Medical’s Dr. Gregg Homer can change just that. A new treatment that only takes an estimated time of 20 seconds can permanently change your brown eyes to blue. This is a new step forward in confirming to the beauty at any cost. This laser treatment will give you the piercing stare of mesmerizing eyes and give you the ever wanted blue eyes!

Careful, though, as experts believe that this treatment may impair the eyesight. Brown eye pigments help prevent problems such as glare and double vision. Removing these helpful pigments may leave the eyes with no way to control the light getting in. Dr. Gregg Homer, on the other hand, assures that the laser affects only the pigment in the eye’s surface and that the frequencies used are absorbed by the dark pigment on the iris. He further said that there will be little to no danger of eye damage. His previous treatments and experimentations never showed any evidence of injury, yet. His patients have been offered lens transplants for free in taking part in the procedure as they are all short-sighted.

Don’t worry! We still have three years to save our pennies and quarters for this procedure as the treatment needs further approval. A survey by Stroma Medical suggests that 17 percent of Americans would want the treatment, if they knew it was completely safe. For now, though, we recommend contacts.

“Oh man! They better hurry up!” junior Dominic Adams said. “I need my blue eyes, and I need them now!” He said in excitement.

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