Brothers in Arms

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#1 setting6-15-10

Brothers in Arms by Paul Langan and Ben Alirez takes place in a bad neighborhood because there are gangs. The gangs there use slang like homies, barrio, and homes. You always have to be watching your back because there is violence everywhere. And that is why it is a bad neighborhood in southern California.

There are also some good things about southern California. There is a really safe place and it is school. There are security guards in every hall of the school. There are also police everywhere keeping the city safe and gang free. Not everybody is bad there are really hard working people who try to give their kids the best they can have.

#2 Characters
Brothers in Arms by Paul Langan and Ben Alirez main character is named Martin Luna. He is a teenager going through a tough time because his little was killed in a drive by. Since Martin had gang members as friends but when his brother was with him he kicked him away because he cared for him.

He also had some bad because at school he was a trouble maker. He was getting in fights, skipped classes, didn’t turn in his homework. A lot more things like hanged out with gang members.

#3 Foreshadowing

In the book Brothers in Arms the author uses foreshadowing in order to give us clues or hints of what is to come. One example of foreshadowing can be found in chapter 1 page 11 paragraph 5. The text states “we’ll get them homes we will get them” said his friend Frankie. Here the author helps me see that perhaps later Martin and his friends will go out and kill the ones who killed martin’s brother huero. Another example of foreshadowing can be found in chapter 2, page 14 and 15, paragraphs 5 and 1. The text states “I knew if it came down to it and we found the people in the car I’d be the one to pull the trigger.” Here the author helps me see that perhaps martin is going to shoot the guys who killed his brother with a 9 millimeter pistol from his friend Frankie. Next example...
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