Brother in Arms

Topics: Singing, Audience, Guitar Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Papa Samba Diouf

Arts 1301

Mr Kaminski

Art Critique

Every opening sequence in any fictional work is responsible for setting the general mood of the narrative. Our current pattern of videoclips--the type we like the most these days--tends to offer plots as a way of captivating more of the audience. That’s because we love fiction and stories and storytelling. A song is more interesting when it accompanies a story we can relate to.

The music video uses rotoscoping and shows the band performing, overlaid with images of soldiers in battle.The video was a tour de force in animation production. It consists of scratchy pencil line drawings, and rotoscoped images of the band. Images of war and death permeate the video, with waves of foam becoming skulls, trenchcoated doughboys rising from the trenches to go over the top into battle, and disembodied hands breaking the shackles of oppression It starts of with lightening in the background and a hard hitting guitar with it, the organ accompanies it as well which gives it that extra boost. The guitar is clean and has a slow melody which is fantastic. In the verse, Mark's voice is soft and depressing as it is about war. The guitar is always when Mark stops singing and the song cannot survive without these killer riffs! This song is just relaxing and it is just a perfect ending to an album, probably the best ending to an album ever. The end solo is bloody fantastic and one of the best I have ever heard. I could go on about how great this song is but it is endless As Knopfler sings an ode about ancient Scotland and war, there is a strong interplay between his vocals and his guitar. If you close your eyes, you can almost imagine them becoming one. The imagery Knopfler weaves is that powerful. Misty covered mountains, aren't mountains in Scotland, South Africa or Lebanon. Mountains has been used just to show that he's dying far away from his home......
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