Brother I M Dying Analysis

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While Edwidge and her brother Bob lived in Haiti with their Aunt and Uncle they would receive a half page, three paragraph letter every other month since Joseph and Denise didn’t have a phone and call centers where too costly. The letter was always addressed to Joseph and the lettered was structured so that “the first paragraph offer(ed) news of his and my mother’s health, the second detailing how to spend the money they had wired for food, lodging and school expense for Bob and myself, the third section concluding abruptly after reassuring us that we’d be hearing from him before long (Brother, I’m Dying page 22)”. Later on in life Edwidge would learn from her father that he wanted to tell her and Bob a lot more than what could be fit onto any piece of paper and small envelope (kakutani). It’s unfortunate but if Mira had made these letters more personal and attached to his children then it would just make the separation harder for both parties in this situation. Sometimes it us just best to leave things unsaid in order to protect both sides of the family from the grief of separation.
Edwidge and her...

Mira is able to achieve the American dream and eventually bring his wife and two children in to the USA. However almost 30 years later his brother Joseph had a very different journey. He is imprisoned in a deportation camp when trying to escape Haiti as its political situation deteriorates and almost loses his life to violent gangs who believed he had allowed the riot police to shoot from the roof of his building (kakutani). The two may have different journeys and experiences but they both share a family history of distrust in the United States of America due to almost 20 year occupation that occurred in the early 1900’s. While the journey of one of the brothers was easier than the other they both faced their...
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