Brother Dear by Bernice Friesen

Topics: Want, Need, Lebanon, Tennessee Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Okay I’m starting my last year in high school, you know what this means? Its crunch time: Applications, admissions and taking a look at my possible future. As of right now, University of Alberta just like Greg and Dennis, but I wont be like Greg. I will be studious or ill attempt to be anyways. Both: this means..

Imp: Great , I’m stuck here another year, another 365 days of sheer boredom, in a town where everybody knows everybody, but I have plans , plans that can take me places.. if I get up the nerve to explain this to my decision maker… the one in control.. my dad. I mean its as if Im the passenger to my own plane and my dad is the pilot. he is taking me in the wrong direction. Instead of relinquishing into the pressure of his expectations I want to take the control and go where I want to be headed. Both: expectations

Exp: my grades, they are not stellar, it makes me nervous to think about what will happen if I do not get accepted. His face all scrunched up and red, speechless but not for long (frieson 27). He would probably go on some speel about how I’m his last hope especially after you take a look at Greg. Both: but what happens next?

Imp: it gives me an opening, finds me an excuse to say what I really want to. I don’t want to be like everybody else, always studying, meeting deadlines, I want to be the pilot of my own plane. Take control of my own future. I want to know what it feels like to have freedom. I know my dad wants what is best for me, take the path with the safest results, to earn a career and life where nothing comes unexpected. He thinks what is best for me and all his kids is UNIVERSITY. To be in university is an experience he nr=ever got, one he probably regrets. But that does not mean that it is for me. Both: safety net

Exp: my dad was a man who fell into the trap of not having experiences….his dreams and goals were mulled by a tractor when he took over his father’s business. The safety in his job had forced me and...
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