Brooklyns Finest Essay

Topics: Apartment, KILL, Ethics Pages: 4 (1605 words) Published: December 12, 2013
Brooklyn’s Finest

When NYPD's Operation Clean Up focused on the notoriously drug-ridden BK housing project, three officers found themselves part of mass corruption and drug activities. They worked Brooklyn's corrupt 65th Precinct with its most dangerous criminals. During seven crazy days, Eddie, Sal, and Tango found themselves going towards the same fatal crime scene and meeting their fate. Sal is narcotic officer who was barely making ends meet. He would do just about anything to provide for his wife who was pregnant with twins and his five children. In the beginning of the movie Sal was talking to a man named Carlo in a car about a traffic stop. Sal laughs with Carlo and then out of nowhere shot him in the face. Sal grabbed a bloody paper bag, filled with money, and left. Later in the movie Sal confessed to the priest about the murder he had committed saying that it was justified because he was a bad guy but it was also for the money that he stole from him. Sal then went to the precinct to punch in for work, where he saw Ronny, his best friend. Sal and Ronny converse when Sal asks about Carlo and Ronny said they found him dead which Sal then nonchalantly asked if they had any leads. Sal arrived home to his kids and pregnant wife, Angie. He told his kids that they were getting a new house and all. Sal goes to the basement to see that he spoke too soon when he found out that Carlo did not have all the money, only half. Angela and Sal talked about their new house that Sal has lined up. Angela is pregnant with twins and has asthma. The wood mold in the house was slowly killing her and the twins, which made him to get the new house. Sal played poker with his friends in his basement. Ronny and Sal talked about taking drug money. Ronny said he would never but Sal said that he does not care because it did not go anywhere but the evidence room. Ronny said that he was bullshitting but Sal did not respond to it. One of the cops there makes a racist comment and Sal...
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