Brooklyn Cop

Topics: Poetry, Perception, Sense Pages: 2 (732 words) Published: March 13, 2011
Brooklyn Cop

The poem Brooklyn Cop was written by Norman MacCaig. This poem stereotypically represents all Brooklyn Cops and convey what they go through on a typical shift. MacCaig uses realistic characterisation, imagery and attack on the senses. violent setting to enguage with the reader and evoke a sense of sympathy

MacCaig uses a shocking description to introduce the cop, through a simile. The relevance of “ built like a gorilla” is that he is conveying to the reader how large a physique he has , conveying a sense of being very strong and powerful. The complexion of the Brooklyn cop concerns the reader as the cop clearly has a very unhealthy skin tone. Evidence of this is word choice of : “steak coloured “ , which conveys negative connotations of bloody and grey. The imagery of “hieroglyphs” is affective because it is hinting at a previous violent history referring to scars he has. Scars deeply cut into his skin and resembling ancient symbols telling a story would be quite an intimidating sight. The poet has affectively conveyed an image of a brutal setting from connotations of danger, crime and violence. MacCaig affectively uses a cliché in the first verse “see you, babe”. To convey an alternative side to the cop. Outwardly , he may seem a scary face, but inwardly he has feelings. This softer side makes him seem a far nicer person.

Repetition in verse two, for example appears through the word choice and reinforces the cops apprehension that he is sure that violence will break out , sooner rather than later .We see this through the imagery of “should the tissue tear” . MacCcaig continues with the words “plunge” and "clubbings" , are affective because “plunge” has connotations of heaviness and vastely . lack of power while “clubbings” has connotations of being struck with a weapon. The poet engages the reader through the sense of sight and sound . We can almost hear the thud of the footsteps and feel the vibrations as we watch...
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