Brookfield Airport Report

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Business English Communication skills

Semester Two 2013

Assignment Two – Business Report
Name: Yang peng (Gary)

Brookfield Airport

Deadline: 28 March 2013

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1. Executive summary----------------------------3

2. Introduction---------------------------------------3

3. Findings--------------------------------------------4

4. Conclusion----------------------------------------5

5. Recommendations-----------------------------6

6. Reference----------------------------------------9

Brookfield Airport

Executive summary
This report’s main ideal is about how to increase the service quality while the passengers are increasing in Brookfield airport. First, there is background and purpose. Second, there are the problems with a conclusion. Finally, it must be recommendations. I suppose MMA should take action as soon as possible. First, add and training staff make them can be used in check-in, passport control, security, helping disabled parts. Second, add smoking area, vending machine, disabled facility, TV screen… Finally, improve transport links, add running time into 24 hours and schedule flights at any time of the day and night if possible.

* Background:
Brookfield Airport which was built in the mid 1960s is located in the English Midlands and it is operated by the Midland Airport Authority (MAA). The reason, why in recent years the number of passengers it handles has greatly increased, is it has become a base for several budget airlines offering cheap flights to European destinations. It causes the airport always being very busy at peak times. The airport benefits from excellent rail links from its terminal building to major UK cities, but its car parking facilities are limited. The terminal building also is an award-winning modernist design, and it now is ‘listed’ and has a protected status.

* Purpose:
This report is to find out the problems and deal with them, also help the airport to work under pressure and increase their service quality while the number of passenger is increasing.

Actually, the business rapid growth has brought a lot of problems in recent years. Dealing with increase passenger numbers is causing difficulties for the airport and there is strong local opposition to building a new runway or extending the terminal from local residents. Because of the terminal building is an award-winning modernist design and now is a ‘listed’ building, also has protected status that means its structure cannot be change in any way. A recent survey also showed that passengers had many complains about the quality of the service at the airport, here are the complaints:

There’re always big queues at check in desk and it’s disorganized. No smoking areas.
The staffs of duty-free shop hassle passengers and passengers need more vending machines in waiting areas. The public announcements are so quiet and the TV screens information is very vague. Provide guards or officials to watch passengers and their belongings. The conveyor belts always break down. Passengers need more trolleys. Better facilities for disabled.

Limited car parking.
According to the survey, there are 10 problems have to be solved with, but in fact, VIP Lounge and Boarding Disembarking aren’t MMA’s business, so the company should give them to the airlines. I’m here not to offer lip service; actually, MMA should take action immediately, in order to save their business and try to improve their service. The recommendations in the next paragraph are the methods.


* Check-in & Passport Control:
Some passenger mention that there are always big queues at the check-in desk and it’s very disorganized. In my opinion, I’d like to add more guards or officials or staffs to help control them or help for the checking. After that to...
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