Brood Management of Indian Major Carps and Chinese Carps

Topics: Carp, Cyprinidae, Aquaculture Pages: 10 (1819 words) Published: December 18, 2010
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Brood Management of Indian Major Carps and Chinese Carps

Course Title: Brood Management and Breeding Technique
Course no: AQUA- 5105
Credit Hours: 3.0


At first all praise to the almighty Allah. We express our heartiest gratitude to Dr. Khandaker Anisul Huq, professor and head, Fisheries and Marine Resource Technology Discipline, Khulna University, who has offered us such an assignment, which is most informative and essential for us as the students of Fisheries & Marine Resource Technology Discipline. We are grateful to my seniors for their cordial help. Lastly, we are grateful to the authors of the reference books who have helped us indirectly through their immortal books which are very important as well as informative.

On behalf of the Group-1
Roll: 100605

|Topics |Page no. | | | | |Acknowledgement |01 | |Definition of Aquaculture |03 | |Definition of Fresh Water Aquaculture |03 | |Brood Fish & spent fish |03 | |Brood management |04 | |Importance of Brood Fish Management |04 | |Objective of the Brood Fish Management |04 | |Sources of Brood Fish |05 | |Brood Management of Indian Major Carps and Silver carps |05 | |Definition of Carp Fish |05 | |Indian major carp and Chinese carp |05 | |Table: External distinguishing features of sexes of carps |06 | |The criteria of brood selection |06 | |Brood transportation |06 | |Site selection for brood pond |07 | |Brood pond preparation |08 | |Pond characteristics |10 | |Flow chart of the works of pond preparation |10 | |Stocking density |11 | |Feed |12 | |Feed Ingredient |13 | |Special dietary...

References: (Jhingran & Pullin, 1988)
Brood Management of Indian Major Carps and Chinese carps:
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