Bronze Age

Topics: Trojan War, Homer, Mycenaean Greece Pages: 4 (1218 words) Published: July 30, 2010
The Bronze Age began in 2800 and lasted till 1050BC. This was almost 2000 years ago. This time period started to replace the use of stone and iron with bronze. The development of trading began with the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. Crete was responsible for major development during the Bronze Age. Their society was based on structures of extravagant places. The Minoans for the next 500 years had had the power in the Aegean but by 1450BC they were over run by the Mycenaean’s which was an important place of the time. They ruled for 500 more years.

Homer is the first and greatest writer of all Greek literary form known as the Epic. People referred to his works for information and about this specific form. Homer’s name will always be linked with the Trojan War because Homer wrote about the conflict between the Trojans and the return vogues of the Greek leaders. He is known for telling us the whole story of the Trojan War but that’s not true. There are plenty of other writers of what’s called the epic cycle who also wrote about the Trojan War which is not noted in Homer’s writing. The epic cycle is a series of stories from ancient Greece. The epic cycle focuses on the Trojan War. Besides the illade and the odyssey, the Trojan War stories include * Kypria

* Aithiopus
* Little illiad
* The sack of illion
* The return of reigns Heros; and
* Telegony
All the stories combined, contribute to the story of the Trojan War.

There have been many people that have had a part in the discovery of the city of Troy. Some include, Frank Calvert, Heinrich Schliemann, William Dorpfield, Carl Belgen and Manfred Korfman. Frank Calvert was a British archeologist. He started his work in the town of Hissarlik in Turkey. He was positive the city of Troy was located beneath the city. Seven yeas later after Frank Calvert’s arrival, the German archeologist, Heinrich Schliemann commenced his own...
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