Broken Windows

Topics: Criminology, Fixing Broken Windows, New York City Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: February 20, 2007
The article discussed the Broken Window Theory. The broken Window Theory is a theory that suggests that the following sequence of events can be expected in deteriorating neighborhoods. Evidence of accumulated trash, broken windows, deteriorated building exteriors remains in the neighborhood for a reasonably long period of time. People who live and work in the area feel more vulnerable and begin to withdraw. They become less willing to intervene to maintain public order for example, to attempt to break up groups of rowdy teens loitering on street corners, or to address physical signs of deterioration.

In attempt for New Jersey to "Fix the broken windows theory," the state came up with a program that was designed to help patrol the communities in New Jersey better. This program was called, "Safe and Clean Neighborhoods Program." This program sought to move officers from the patrol car to foot patrol. Although many officials were excited about this new program, many other officials were not. The officials who opposed this new program said foot patrol, reduced mobility of the police who thus had difficulty responding to calls by citizens for service, and it weakened headquarters control over patrol officers. In addition to officials opposing the new program and foot patrol, offers did not favor foot patrol either. Officers stated foot patrol, "Kept them outside in the cold, rainy nights, and foot patrol reduced their chances of making a good pinch."

Although there was opposition for foot patrol, the state of New Jersey decided to continue with the program. Five years after the program started an evaluation was done and see how the program was doing. The researchers concluded that the program did not deter crime, but the residents felt much more safer. The residents took less precautions to protect themselves from crime and they tended to believe crime rates were down. In addition, the neighborhoods in which there were foot patrols, those citizens...
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