Broken Home

Topics: Shame, The Downward Spiral, Victimology Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Good afternoon to my esteemed teacher and to all of my friends. This afternoon, I want to thank God for giving us a sunny day today, and also to ma’am Sinur who has given me the opportunity to give a speech about the broken home. First of all, I want to tell what exactly is the meaning of broken home. Broken home is a situation where there is chaos in the family, and result in psychological pressure on the victim. Parents no longer care for their children, both problems at home, school, to the social development of children in the community. What are the causes of broken home? Broken home can occur due to the loss of a family member, and caused the family to be cold with each other. Could also be due to circumstances that are not harmonious parents constantly fight until the end in divorce. Or perhaps because of the lack of attention from parents who are too busy working so that children feel lonely at home and trying to find pleasure outside. I'll tell you some other factor that is the cause of the broken home. 1. Poverty 2. Parents who lack a sense of responsibility 3. Educational problems 4. Away from God What is the negative impact of broken home? In the environment, the child will feel ashamed and embarrassed to the people around him because of the condition of his parents who were in a state of Broken Home. At school, besides to be gossip around friends, children's learning process is also disrupted because his mind is not...
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