Broken Family

Topics: Regression analysis, Linear regression, Psychology Pages: 7 (2111 words) Published: August 9, 2013
Çukurova University Faculty of Education Journal Vol:42 Issue:1 Page:56-64

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Dokuz Eylül University, Buca Faculty of Education, Guidance and Counseling, İzmir/Turkey Adnan Menderes University, Faculty of Education, Guidance and Counseling, Aydın/Turkey

ABSTRACT The objective of this study is to examine whether the social and emotional learning needs are affective in preserving the mental health of students during elementary level education. To this end, it was assessed at what level and in what direction the social and emotional learning needs of students in the second stage of elementary level education relationships their mental symptoms. The participants of this study are 320 elementary school students (Girls n= 149, 48.10%; boys n= 161, 51.90%) who were enrolled to an elementary level school during the 2009-2010 school year in the central district of Izmir. The SocialEmotional Learning Scale developed by Coryn, Spybrook, and Blinkiewicz (2009) and adopted into Turkish by Totan (2011) and the Brief Symptom Inventory and the personal information form developed by Derogatis (1992) and adopted into Turkish by Şahin, Durak Batıgün, and Uğurtaş (2002) were used as data acquisition tools in the study. According to the research findings, negative and statistically significant relationships were determined between social and emotional learning needs and the mental symptoms. Also, it was determined as a result of multiple linear regression analysis that the social and emotional learning needs of second grade elementary level students are effective in decreasing the mental symptoms. Keywords: Social and emotional learning, mental symptoms, protective guidance services, multiple linear regression analysis INTRODUCTION Social and emotional learning came up during the nineties due to the facts that schools only emphasized academic education and hence neglected the social and emotional learning requirements of the students (Elias, 2003). It is observed especially during the past decade that many states in the US base their school guidance services on social and emotional learning. Social and emotional learning is defined as the process by which students gain awareness, arrangement skills, social relationships and emotions hence becoming better at managing their lives successfully. Another definition regards social and emotional learning as the process by which individuals gain awareness of their emotions and manage them, start taking other individuals into account, make better decisions, display moral and responsible behavior, develop positive relationships and avoiding negative behavior (Zins and Elias, 2006). Some individuals may succeed in this without any need for support. However, some individuals require support to meet their social and emotional learning needs (Norris, 2003). Hence, the meeting of the social and emotional learning needs of students is as critical as the necessity for academic education. Today, the importance of developing social and emotional learning skills has been accepted in many countries. Schools in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and some *

This paper was presented at Second International Conference on New Trends in Education and Their Implications on April 27-29, 2011, Antalya-Turkey. ** Co-Author:


Zekavet KABASAKAL; Tarık TOTAN - C.U. Faculty of Education Journal, 42(2013), 56-64

Latin America and Africa countries along with England and more than a dozen countries in Europe add classes for increasing social and emotional learning skills to their curriculum (Schonert-Reichl and Hymel, 2007). Whereas in our country the research on social and emotional learning carried out at schools is very limited (Türnüklü, 2004). However, the...
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