Broken Families and Its Effects on Children

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| ‘OFW parents should know the academic status of kids’by Liza Agoot School children whose parents are overseas Filipino workers are emotionally affected by the status of their families. To help them, there is a need for the school to know that the parents of the children are OFWs. 

City councilor Lulu Tabanda has submitted a proposed resolution urging educational institutions in the city to inform OFW parents of the status of their children enrolled in the institution. 

She said that because of the abnormal family set up, the impact on the behavior and habits of the children manifests in their performance in school and other academic activities. 

The sacrifices of these migrant workers should be well compensated through a partnership with established institutions by way of constant communication to update the parents on the status of their children. 

Tabanda added that educational institutions must be encouraged to connect to the OFW parents pertaining their children in school as well as on the other areas where the temporary guardian can intercede on behalf of the absent parent. 

Baguio City, she said, is one among the localities where the attraction of overseas employment lures its people into leaving their homes for a better future. 

Due to the difficulty of finding jobs in the country, many Filipinos, who are married and with children, are forced to leave the country and their families to be able to sustain the needs of their children especially education with hopes to uplift the status of the family. 

In the absence of a parent or both parents, children are left to the care of the parent who is left behind or to some other relative. This parental absence creates disruptions in care giving arrangements and leaves the children to the relatives. 

Parental absence, Tabanda said, has created disruptions in care giving arrangements and leaves an emotional blank on the children who are left sometimes to care for themselves. 

The councilor said that it is important for the schools to know that the parents of their students are OFW so that they can be given the proper attention needed by a child who comes from a dysfunctional family. 

She said that schools have expertise and facilities to assist the guardian and the family concerned in addressing the specific concern and in dealing with the problem faced by the student, which can be the school’s way of reaching out to the child, the guardian, and the family. 

According to studies, many problem students in the different schools are children of parents who are separated or are abroad leaving the children to fend for themselves or with relatives.| ------------------------------------------------- Top of FormBottom of FormCustom Search Other news|

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