Broken Famileeee

Topics: Family, Mother, Father Pages: 4 (1166 words) Published: August 27, 2014

A Research Proposal Presented to the
Faculty of Wellspring High School
Capas, Tarlac

In Partial Fulfilment
of the Requirements in
English IV

Danise Angiely B. Agero
Eivor Sheen H. Johansson
Rainielle O. Rone

August 2014

Chapter 1
Family is the smallest unit of the society, yet it has the biggest part of life. It is the second thing that the humans will have before life and the last thing the humans can hold on to before death. It is one of the main Ingredients in making our own personality. It satisfies a man’s basic needs. It is composed of father, mother and their offspring adopted with love and harmony. We researchers thought that there are two kinds of family; the complete and the broken one. Broken family can mislead a child from different states of life. Being involved into a broken family may affect one’s social, psychological, and emotional performance. A child may encounter a great depression whenever he sees a complete family; this will have an impact to the child’s brain development. A broken family is also called a broken home; this term is used to describe a household usually regarding to child and parents problem. Here, the smallest unit of society does not function well; it may be because of lack of mother or father also called as dissolved marriage. Broken family can also be used when one person in the family dies. According to reviewed researches, there is a lot of importance of the home environment on students’ academic performance. It has a great influence not only in psychological state but also in emotional, social and economic state. Findings of the study revealed that family environment score was positively correlated with the academic achievement of the students (Chawla 2012).

Dealing with own emotions, encountering problems, puberty age is also hard with the...

Bibliography: Chawla, Anita N. “The Relationship Between Family Environment And Academic Achievement” January, 2012. URL: <>
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