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Broiler Chickens

By Kimberley-Flood Oct 22, 2014 351 Words

Kimberley Flood Group A
Standard broiler chickens are reared for their meat have been selectively bred to grow incredibly fast, and now reach slaughter weight at about 6 weeks old. Broiler chickens now reach slaughter age twice as quickly as they did 30 years ago. But this fast growth leaves the birds vulnerable to painful leg problems and heart disorders. The muscle grows very quickly but the development of the bird's legs and skeleton does not keep pace with the rest of the body. Therefore the legs have to support a great weight. As a result of this fast growth, broiler chickens can suffer from painful, sometimes crippling, leg disorders. It is believed that birds reared and slaughtered to produce chicken meat should not be a variety of bird that grows so quickly that they suffer from painful leg and heart disorders as a result. Slower-growing varieties should be used to avoid these problems. Consumers want to be sure that all animals being raised for food are treated with respect and are properly cared for during their lives. The chicken industry insures the broilers farms do their best to meet welfare standards. The following points are important factors in the management of chicken farms to ensure they have all that they need in their short lives; Proper nutrition and feeding with carefully formulated feed. A diet of corn, soya bean, vitamins and minerals. No hormones or steroids are allowed. Access to a supply of clean water. High ratio of water trough to chickens and regular cleaning and maintenance. Appropriate comfort and shelter with good ventilation and adequate room to grow while avoiding overcrowding. The chickens should have enough room to move around, stretch their wings and lay down without been interrupted by other chickens. Health care, monitoring and professional veterinary attention if needed. Proper handling and the ability to display normal behaviours. Careful handling when crating and transporting as to not injure the birds. Best practise on farm and during transport, including regular cleaning and disinfection. References;

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