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* The Aztec culture began sometime in the 1200s, a few hundred years after the Mayan empire was taken down. * The culture started in a small island in Lake Texcoco. The people built causeways to connect the island to the city lake shore. * Aztecs started defending their country in the early 1400s. Most of the time soldiers were victorious. They rarely were defeated. Aztec Government…


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* Did you know that the Aztec culture is basically the Mexican culture now? * Did you know that the Aztecs had a monarchy as the government? History of the Aztecs…

[Customize this brochure]
[Insert your company information in place of the sample text. Click the Office button, and then click Save As. Click Document Template in the Save as dialog box (the file name extension should change from .docx to .dotx). Next time you want to use it, click the Office button, and then click New. Click My Templates. Double-click this template to base another brochure on it.] [Working with breaks]

[Using the Break command, you can insert manual page breaks, column breaks, and section breaks. To insert a break, click Breaks on the Page Layout tab, and then select an option.]

[Working with spacing]
[To reduce the spacing between, for example, body text paragraphs, click in this paragraph, on the Page Layout tab, and adjust the Spacing controls in the Paragraph group as needed. To adjust character spacing, select the text to be modified. Press Ctrl + D to open the Font dialog box. Click the Character Spacing tab, and then enter new values.] [Other Brochure Tips]

[To change the font size, select the text you want to change. In the Font group on the Home tab, adjust the font size as needed. To change the paragraph shading, click Page Borders on the Page Layout tab, and then click the Shading tab. Select a new shade or...
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