Broadcast Media in Indian Context

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Broad Cast Media:
Electronic instrumentation of radio and television, including local radio and television stations, radio and television networks and cable television systems. Because of their ability to reach vast numbers of people, broadcast media play a very important role in any advertising campaign that needs to reach a broad market base. The broadcast media wield a very pervasive influence in most Indians’ lives. Various Types of Broadcast media:

Television provides the ability to communicate sight, sound, motion and emotion. If a picture is worth thousand words, a moving picture is worth ten thousand words. The viewer can easily see the product, view it in a variety of situations, determine how it can be of benefit to their application and leave them with a lasting impression of the business. Television gives a product a “larger than life” image and by virtue of being on television, it is sometimes enough to set a business apart from its competitors. Television as a media in India:

Television in India is a huge industry and has thousands of programmes in all the states of India. The small screen has produced numerous celebrities of their own kind some even attaining national fame. TV soaps are extremely popular with housewives as well as working women. Approximately half of all Indian households own a television English-language advertising in India is among the most creative in the world. TV advertising (especially in the Hindi language) has made major headway in the past 10 years, especially with the advent of satellite TV. Hindi TV channels - such as ZEE and Sony TV - have fashioned themselves on lines of Western channels, and most advertising on such channels is glitzy, smart and tailored for the middle classes. Such channels have forced the state-owned channel, Doordarshan, to add spice to their programmes which, earlier, were quite drab. The importance of the Hindi-speaking market (which is also fluent in English) is borne out from the fact that STAR TV, once an all-English channel, is now rich in Hindi programmes.

Advantages of advertising on television:
Television has numerous advantages over other media, for example 1.Creativity and Impact:
The greatest advantage of TV is the opportunity it provides for presenting the advertising message. The interaction of sight and sound offers tremendous creative flexibility and makes possible dramatic, lifelike representations of production services. Television is also an excellent medium for demonstrating a product or service. 2.Coverage and Cost effectiveness

Television advertising makes it possible to reach large audiences. Nearly everyone, regardless of age, sex, income or education level, watches at least some TV. Marketers selling products and services that appeal to broad target audiences find that TV lets them reach mass market, often very cost efficiently. For example, eight spots across four weeks on the weekly Mahabharat show helped Cinthol Lime get a 5.3% share of the premium soap market since the epic’s viewership was an astounding 60-70 TVR points. A recent report says that advertisers will return to the familiarity and brand-building power of television, giving it a record 38.3% share of the global ad expenditure in 2009, which will rise to 38.5% in 2010 and 2011. Because of its ability to reach large audiences in a cost efficient manner, TV is a popular medium among companies selling mass- consumption products.

Disadvantages of advertising on television:
1.Production Cost:
The most serious limitation of television advertising is the extremely high cost of producing and running commercials. Although the cost per person reached can be relatively low, the absolute cost can be restrictive, especially for small and medium sized company. In 2008, the cost effectiveness of this ad medium seems to have been particularly impacted. A Lintas Media Group, or LMG, study states that in 2008, both cost...
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