Broadband Connection as the Better Way to Access the Internet

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Broadband Connection as the Better Way to Access the Internet Since the inception of the Internet more than a few decades ago, the world is becoming more and more reliant on it. The Internet is spreading its foothold from being a mere nexus of information to every major part of our lives. Students are using the Internet to obtain information for their school projects and to complete assignments; those who left their schools and universities are using the Internet to reconnect with old schoolmates; organizations are using the Internet to conduct business dealings, schedule tasks or appointments without much hassle; while parents are using the Internet to initiate live video chat with their faraway children. The Internet is more than that, as we can do things considered science fiction a decade ago—finding places to eat and drink, shopping for the best deals, or earning money from online advertisements. The Internet has become so popular; it has become the number one reason people are using a computer or a phone these days. Currently there are two ways of accessing the Internet—via dial-up connection and broadband connection. Dial-up used to be popular before broadband became mainstream. A dial-up connection is where you would connect your phone line directly to an internal modem in your computer. A modem is a device found in a computer or a fax machine that is capable of deciphering bits of data transferred through the phone lines into useful information. Before you can browse the Internet, you have to manually dial a specific number on Windows such as 1315 or 1515 to enable Internet access. Dial-up connections will favor infrequent users who check their occasional e-mail or browse for information rarely as they are charged on a pay-per-use basis. The more you use, the more you pay. Currently the price of dial-up connections is 5sen per minute. However, as people are browsing the web and using e-mail more often, dial-up is no longer suitable as it is more costly than a broadband connection. In addition, we have to manually connect to the Internet every time we want to browse the web, wasting precious time. Not every dial is successful and sometimes we have to do multiple retries just to connect to the Internet and this is infuriating. An advantage of dial-up connection is that no cumbersome setup is required. We get Internet access the moment our phone line works. We do not have to pay someone to set up the connection. However, this is no longer the case as broadband connections are becoming more plug-and-play, which means they work the moment you connect the phone line or mobile modem to the computer. Modern operating systems are made for broadband connections and can automatically configure the appropriate settings for Internet usage and users can browse the web straight away. This makes dial-up look more cumbersome in comparison as we have to enter our user name, password and the number to be dialed into Windows just to browse the Internet. In the case of cable broadband, technicians will help users configure and setup the Internet connection, albeit with a slightly hefty fee. Most users, however, are willing to pay in order to avoid setting up the connection themselves and end up messing up unrelated settings in Windows. Dial-up isn’t without its cons. Once the modem connects to the Internet, it blocks out the phone line as data and voice cannot co-occur. This means that we have to sacrifice one for another. If you want to surf the Internet, you cannot make or receive calls and vice versa. This is a huge disadvantage as someone with an emergency might not be able to contact us when we are busy browsing the web. Another major problem with dial-up is you need to manually disconnect after you have finished your session. If you leave it connected, you will have a bill shock at the end of the month as users are charged for the time of usage, not the amount of usage....
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