Broad Moor Florist

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I chose Broadmoor Florist, a locally owned family business for 76 years.

1. This website greets you with a bright and colorful website and lets you choose from a variety of options. They have a tab called, Occassions and this tells you the flower of the month and tell you all holidays during that month. They have tips for their customers on how to keep flowers fresh and how they bsuines started and why they enjoy servicing the community. 2. Broadmoor Florist has not yet made a mobile friendly version yet. The website works only on a computer. When you type in the website in your cellphone it says, “we are sorry, there is no such site.” 3. This company has been around for a very long time and have updated their website throughout the years. I have not found a single problem with thr redirection or redesign of the website. Every tab works right away when clicked on. 4. The website opens up with flowers and you know right away the product and service they are selling. It is clear that these people know how to handle flowers and what you need for the right occasion. They also have a welcoming note as soon as the website is pulled up. 5. Broadmoor Florist does a good job at the promotion of its website. As soon as you type in Broadmoor Florist in the google search engine, the first website that pulls up is Broadmoor Florist in Shreveport, LA. 6. Broadmoor Florist is an old store and used to be shabby looking. They have now revamped and their whole image is new and fresh. They are not social media friendly. I think with a business like flowers, they should have atleast a facebook page so they can put their daily deals or what ever on the page and people can access it through their mbile devices. This company not being with a social media website could potentiallu hurt them. They have no way to advertise but through their website. 7. Broadmoor Florist does not use Flash or any videos on their site. They have...
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