Brl Hardy Business Case Proposal

Topics: Marketing, Target market, Advertising Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Dear Mr. Carson,
It is my understanding that in your role as Managing Director of BRL Hardy Europe, you are being faced with the difficult decision to choose between launching "Kelly's Revenge" and "Barnrock Station" wines in the UK market. After reading about your industry, company, and specifically the two proposed wines, I am of the strong opinion that you cannot afford to pass up the opportunity and upside associated with Kelly's Revenge. For three reasons, I believe this wine will be the ideal product to connect with its target market of young, fist time wine drinkers, who are looking for an inexpensive brand to consume. First, "Kelly's Revenge" is a simple but catchy name. Additionally, the product lends itself to marketing upside perfectly suited to appeal to your target market. And finally, your marketing manager, Paul Browne, believes in the merit of this product.

I first mentioned that Kelly's Revenge is a simple, yet catchy name. As I evaluated the pros and cons of the two proposed wines, I consistently found myself referring back to the text to look up the name of Barnrock Station. On the other hand, upon seeing Kelly's Revenge one time, it stuck with me immediately. Barnrock Station may be a familiar landmark in Australia, but most of the young Brits you are targeting have never heard of such a place. However, Kelly is a simple name that is actually the #52 most common surname in the UK, and "revenge" is a strong/edgy word that certainly stands out (see Exhibit 1).

"Kelly's Revenge" is not only easy to remember, but it also lends itself to a marketing campaign built around the spirit of Ned Kelly. Several alcohol companies have recently capitalized on their product's namesakes by building humorous advertising campaigns that appeal to their younger target markets. Three popular examples of this are Keith Stone (Keystone Light), Captain Morgan (Captain Morgan rum) and John Jameson (Jameson's Irish Whisky). If people associate Kelly's...
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