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The term marketing concept consists of following key characteristics:

2-Anticipate and satisfying

These characteristics are illustrated as follows:


Identifying is probably the most important task that generally involves the location and identification of needs and demands of the public and to gain the knowledge of competitors in the market. This process can be done through market research and public surveys about what products and services people want from the producers, then plan to produce and fulfil the customer requirements keeping the prices in mind.


A key character of marketing is to provide the services and products what customer REALLY wants and to ensure that the customer feels that their contact with the marketer is building a good relationship among the two. That is to supply the right products, to right customers, at right price and right time. In this way, customers feel satisfaction and comfort with both the product and the marketer as the customer is getting benefits. Hence, the customers will prefer this marketer rather than any other one with same product.


Undoubtedly, the ultimate objective of marketing is to make profit but this must be done by fulfilling customer demands with total satisfaction in order to create a beneficial relationship. This not only results in the increase in profit but also develops the opportunity for the marketer to become a prominent supplier among other competitors in the market. Therefore, more satisfaction results in more profit for a particular marketer or organisation.

Q 2


A) The Micro Environment consists of those internal elements over which an organisation has control or it can use these elements to improve their market activities and strategies.

Let us have a SWOT analysis on the case study:

SWOT analysis: A strategic set of steps used to assess internal environments of an organisation with regard to its external environments.

In accordance to BRITVIC:

1-Strength: Britvic gained more and more strength right from its origin. Now the main strength points of Britvic are:

-Brand loyalty
-High financial position
-Biggest brand acquisition
-High market shares
-Well skilled workers
-Effective distribution channels
-Familiar company name
-Modern technology
-Leading soft drink supplier
-Preference of younger generation to soft drinks

Employing 27,000 workers, having 200,000 outlets, export to over 50 countries, huge monetary stakes are all strengths of britvic soft drink organisation.

The only weakness that can be observed in the case study is that Britvic soft drinks are banned on children under 16.

-Discovery of method to bottle fresh juices that stayed fresh for long time, when the enormous depression in UK indicated that majority of poor community demanded a cheap supply of vitamin C. -The addition of some biggest name in soft drink producer like Robinson and tango to Britvic -New machinery


These were the biggest opportunity moments for Britvic to comprehensively increase their business, which they eventually did and got the reputation what it is today.

-Change of laws to ban advertisement of soft drinks to children under 16 -unsuitable summer weather conditions
-economy downfall

These are the threats to britvic that can cause the reduction of sales and income of britvic and can also cause the production of britvic to limit or stop for a particular product.

This is the micro (internal) environment of Britvic which shows those factors which can be controlled by the organisation.

B) The Macro environment includes those uncontrollable external environmental forces that influence organisations strategies and planning.

PEST analysis is the scan of uncontrollable external factors which include following...
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