Brittany Kyle: Atlantic Slave Trade

Topics: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, Africa Pages: 2 (721 words) Published: February 10, 2013
The Atlantic Slave Trade
By: Brittany Kyle

The Atlantic slave trade began in the 16th century. The Portuguese were the first people to really help the slave trade flourish. The slave trade became part of a system called the triangular trade system. It was a continuous cycle of trade between the old world, Africa, and the new world. The old world brought manufactured goods to Africa which were traded for slaves. The slaves traveled on tightly packed slave ships across the middle passage, or Atlantic Ocean, to the new world where there they would force the slaves to farm and harvest cash crops such as tobacco and sugar cane to send back to the old world to repeat the cycle. This lasted until the early 19th century.

When the slaves arrived in the new world, they were usually sent to places in the Caribbean and to Brazil and south America. Many colonies began to flourish because of all the free labor. With all the help from the slaves, they were able to produce so much for almost nothing. Slavery helped with mercantilism, or the sending of products and money back to the mother country.

According to the article, Ghana wants to model after Israel to encourage it’s descendants to return to their country and to think of Africa as their homeland. They’re trying to bring the descendants of the enslaved that were brought to Africa back to see where they’re really from and to learn about the legacy that is their history. A problem though is that the people that currently live in Africa treat them the same way as white tourists. The term "obruni," or "white foreigner," is applied regardless of skin color. This poses a problem because while people want to be able to go explore the deep rooted history in Ghana, they might be pushed away from it all or scared due to the prejudice. It is hard for someone to be called White when they’re infact black and just trying to seek their roots in Africa. While many people have visited Ghana such as Oprah and Malcom X, many...
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