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Era of Good Feelings Test

1. all of the following policies were apart of the Monroe doctrine except: the idea that the us would not help other countries of the Americas 2. the tariff of 1816 was the first in American history- to impose duties on foreign imports 3. in the election of 1824 the breakdown of the caucus system resulted in- the election being thrown into the house of representatives 4. all of the following were accomplishments of monroes administration except- the spoils system 5. under the provisions of the adams-onis treaty- spain ceded all of florida to the united states 6. all of the following were results of the Missouri compromise except- the tallmage amendment was enacted into law 7. in the 1830s a new political party emerged producing competition between the- whigs and democrats 8. the controversy over whether Missouri would be admitted as a free state or slave state illustrated- growing sectionalism 9. which of the following events helped play a part in our acquisition of florida- Americas involvement in the first Seminole wars 10. which was a result of the war of 1812- a realization by many of a need to support a stronger federal government 11. what was the name of native American tribe forced on the “trail of tears”- Cherokee 12. Whigs felt Jackson abused his power as a president – called him “king” 13. john Calhoun was from which state- south Carolina

14. all of the following were apart of the convention of 1818 except- political harmony in the country with only one major political party existing 15. the period 1817 to 1821 became known as the “era of good feelings” because there was- political harmony in the country with only one major political party existing 16. according to the Missouri compromise, Missouri entered the union as a slave state and what other state entered as a free state- maine 17. how did eli whitney’s inventions contribute to Americas development in the 1800s- south diversified its economy 18. who was the last of the Virginia dynasty- james Monroe 19. the tariff of abominiations- tariff of 1832

20. what was the whig party’s major opposition to Jackson- they dislike his zealous use of power 21. the specie circular- was an attempt by Jackson to remedy the problems associated with the destruction of the bank 22. which of the following is true about the election of 1828- it was considered a dirty campaign focusing on personal attributes of the candidates 23. the Webster hayne debates began over one issue by quickly switch to another. They switched from- the sale of public lands to states’ rights 24. early in jacksons first term significant conflict arose between Jackson and his cabnit over a scandal involving- the spoils system 25. the Indian tribe that most successfully resisted removal was the – Cherokee 26.

27. what did the second bank of the us do that brought about a chain reaction of bank failures in 1819- it authorized the treasury to accept only specie as payment for public lands 28. which of the following statements is true reguarding Andrew Jackson- his refusal to enforce the in Worcester v. GA set a precedent that threatened the balance of powers 29. the most significant proponent of the nullification doctrine was-john c Calhoun 30. although authorized during jeffersons administration, construction of this did not begin until 1815- the erie canal 31. during Andrew jacksons presidency, the common people gained political power through all of the following means except- the extension of the right to vote for some women and free blacks 32. the theory of nullification is based on the principle that- individual states may declare federal laws unconstitutional 33. in the mid 1800s many westerners favored Indian removal for all of the following reasons except- to preserve the American Indians independent the to preserve the American Indians’ independent s 34. panic of 1819 was the result of a specative boom in the economy that ran for a number of years before the painc. The causes of that speculation included all of the following except- toght credit from the bank of the us 35.

36. the kitchen cabnit- was the nickname for jacksons unofficial advisors 37. jacksons falling out with his first vice president was a result of- his support for the tariff of 1828 and 1832 38. to reduce the influence of the 2nd bank and ultimately destroy it, Jackson- gradually moved federal funds and put them into privately owned state banks 39.

40. when Jackson heard marshalls decision in the case between georgia and the Cherokee( Worchester vs GA) he- refused to enforce the decision

Causes of the civil war
Peaceful corertion with Jefferson
Bleeding kanas

5 para: opinionate but factually based open ended

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