British vs Colonists

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In 1763, a worldwide imperial conflict called the Seven Year's War ended in resounding victory for the British Empire, which smashed its European rivals to emerge from the conflict as one of the largest and most powerful empires in world history. During the war the British and Americans became a unifying force standing side by side, but short while later they were the ones in conflict with one another. England was left with an even larger debt, from the French and Indian War, than what they had started with. To compensate Britain started to heavily tax the colonies which lead to many events such as the Boston Massacre and boycott of British goods. But in this time period it was always England changing older policies and colonists complying with them. The colonists never strongly pursued the idea of independence, only to become a larger more representative force in England. The British were truly the revolutionaries leading up to the Revolutionary War, rather than the colonists, as seen by England's significant change on America's trading/taxing policies, and the colonists strong will to stay with old tradition until the very last moment.

Eager southern farmers were speculating land grab, once the Seven Year's War was over, wanting to expand their plantations to the backgrounds of Kentucky and Tennessee. But England afraid of increased costs due to conflict with Indians established the Proclamation of 173, which prevented settlers from going West of the Appalachians. The proclamation also kept Native Americans under the wing of the king, who was interested in fur trade with them. Though many colonists were upset with this event, they took care of it quite peacefully and were able to negotiate with the French and mother country to expand the borders. Another event was the revoking of the famed "Salutary Neglect". For about a hundred years Britain had passed laws to regulate colonial trade in the best interest that the commerce benefitted themselves. One example...
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