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A dying mango tree
As young as an infant
As pretty as an angel
Your presence brings joy to me
Your company is irreplaceable
Your beauty is Devine
Oh! What an object of honour
How great
How awesome is thy strength?
You are the source of redemption
The very true essence of life
You share your splendour
All over the universe
Your embrace is warm
The hottest mind gets cool
Whenever seated in your presence.
The very first beginning of your days
The moment of glory
Life seems to have no end
The merriment
The elation of it
The hour of exuberance
It seems to last forever
The entire world trembles at your beauty
Even the world marvel at your blessedness.

Slowly and gradually
Your vibrant breath seems to diminish
Darkness and pain begins to envelope thee
The day has come when no man can hold your arms
Those who loved and cherish you feel disgusted at your presence Your glamorous splendour
Your sweet smelling savour
All is gone
The celestial habitation
The spherical inhabitant
Have taken over your strength
The children under the soil all feed on you
Annoyance, misery, despondency
They have replaced your gaiety
Comfort has turned to sorrow
The young and the old avoid you.

I plead thee get back to life
Return to your position
Make me proud
Stand erect
Taller than the Kilimanjaro
Bring back your ornament
Never you perish
Let my children taste your glory
Let my ancestors celebrate under your care
And let the old share their stories
Let the universe be united under thee
Be my shelter in the rain
My joy in sorrow
My light in darkness
Breath, breath, breath
Restore your breath of life.

An orphan
My child my child!
Arise and take your meals
You are a refinement
Fascinating will your life be
One day you will be king
Such were her elegance words

Paroxysm neither will I allow
My soul will never permit exasperation
Cruelty shall distance you my glorious child!

The roaring and whispers of nature
Nature cannot be denied
Powerful and stronger you are
Greatest enemy of man
Your call must be answered
Dangerous you may be
But the creator made you superior
All human creatures tremble at your visitation
When least expected you appeard.

My pride you have taken away
Hope is buried
Happiness is gone
I have been cheated by you
Ripped off I have been
Desolate I am
Red and darkness are my light.

The hour of malady
All that is around hates me
Deserted and abandoned I am
The trees no longer smile neither dance
The moon and stars glitters not
The sun detests my presence
The wicked natural call has cheated me

Ache, agony, catch, convaltion and cramp
are all that is left in the world
Affliction, malaise, martyrdom are all I feel
The birds are silent
Where will I run to?
Who will restore me?
Who will feed and cloth me?

A foundling, stray, waif I have become
A voice of allure and charmingness
Calls me aloud
Believe in yourself
In your creator you shall believe
Earthly love is temporal
Permanent love is the Devine one
The world needs the Devine love

Angelic touch I feel
Hardship and suffering are no more
Whole and refine I have become
I am not a scarecrow
I am not a tatterdemalion
Champion I am and not a wastrel.

A desolate place
Red as crimson
Darker than the night
The stain fills to the brim
Sorrowful valedictions
Fascinating harrow
Roaring as a sea
Dreadful destruction
Domicile firmament

Destroyable and unsavevable
Hardship and painshipe
A place filled with a floating red stream
The beings are dehumanize
Living in a captivating harshness
Wondering the wonders of men

Enjoyable merriment
Peace and happiness
Colourful and colourness
Ornamented with a beautiful ornament
Inhabitant of peace
Harbingers of love
Career of adornment
Brighter than the stars
Womb that envelopes the multitude
Dwelling of greatness
Divination that is Divine
Whiter than the snow
Harmonious is your harmony
Embryo of...
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