British Imperialism In The Film Braveheart

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Throughout the history, in times of crisis, collapse of an empire, people tend to see only from one prospective. People read about history of Scotland, about how people suffered British imperialism and civil war that took place in XIII century, but a person cannot feel, or truly see what was really happening from Scottish prospective. The movie Braveheart is about how a peasant boy of the end of 13th century, William Wallace (Mel Gipson), that grows up into warrior, after the loss of his father and his wife, rebels against the British King, Edward I. Wallace attacks English positions of Scotland, to free Scotland from British rules and succeeds. It’s undeniable that the film offers a worthy spectacle of Hollywood and of History that spectators...

When English soldiers try to rape his wife, he interferes and fights them by beating all 4 of them. As he fights he asks his wife to take a horse and meet him at the place where they always go. She gets captured on the way as he escapes the setting. Even though this event is historically misinterpreted in the movie, Mel Gibson clearly gives us the true setting of the late 13th century and the rule of British Crown. Later in the scene, Wallace’s wife gets tide up to the poll by the general of the British post. Before killing her, he gives a speech, “An assault on King’s soldiers is the same as an assault on the king himself”. Now pause in here. By putting this words into this scene Mel Gibson trying to catch viewer’s attention and give them a feeling of what was it like right before the executions in the British Empire. Then general cuts the throat of Wallace’s wife. Many viewers, even critics, would find this scene very touching because as she was tide up to the poll knowing that she would die, she still waits for her husband to rescue her. As she look up the hill in hope to see him, the audience gets true feeling of Scottish peasants. Mel Gibson is trying to show that Scottish people waited for someone to rise up and rescue them. This movie is recommended for those who want to feel and admire the sites of late 13th century...
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