British Imperialism in India

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History of British

Imperialism IN India

Interviews with the native Indians and British nationalists have made it clear that both sides are right in that there are both positive and negative effects from British imperialism. The British sought raw materials, cash crops, and most importantly, Indian textiles. British presence increased over time as more and more became interested in making a profit in India. In 1600, the British East India Company was given the right to monopolize trade with India. British presence in India introduced western culture and values. Western education was taught in schools, and systems of railroads, canals, roads, and telegraphs were developed in India. Both Great Britain and the sub-continent have much to gain from each other. However, because the British military was superior to India’s, the British had a strong influence over India and could get away with mistreating the Indians. For many years, the British reaped the rewards of successful warfare.

India is the crown jewel of Great Britain’s imperial empire. The British trade gold and silver for goods such as cotton silk, tea, and textiles. Its geographical location makes it the perfect base for trade with East Asia. The British East Company strengthened their grip over India, gaining more land and power, even maintaining an army of British officers and sepoys. They have a strong grip on India’s government. They were easily able to overcome opposition because India at this time, is very divided. There isn’t a strong sense of nationalism. Sepoys do not see attacking other Indians as something wrong. Although they mention bringing peace, the East India Company’s main concern was making money. Because of India’s large population, imposing taxes made the British a lot of money. India is a very large supplier of raw materials and is a strong market for British goods.The British made it their goal to turn India into a model colony....
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