British Healthcare System

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Heath Care in the United Kingdom
The British Health Care system (or National Healthcare Service NHS) is one of the best in the world. The British government, through the National Health Service, provides the majority of health care. The program is funded by taxes, and the entire system is free at the point of service. Each nation has its own part of the health care service, so, National Health Service (England) Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland (HSENI), NHS Scotland, and NHS Wales. Each system operates independently, but if a citizen needs treatment in another country isn’t a problem. Foreign nationals will receive free treatment if they are in an emergency in the United Kingdom, and if you become a permanent resident of the UK and have been there for 12 months you will also receive free healthcare. About 18% or (4.9% of their GDP from 2000-10) of the United Kingdom’s budget is used on the NHS, or about £119 billion ($190 billion). The Conservatives are very fond of their brilliant health care plan of course, saying that: “The NHS is our country's most precious asset. Over the last two years, because of the dedication of staff across the country, the NHS has maintained or improved quality across the board – reducing waiting times to record lows, reducing hospital infections to their lowest levels ever, increasing access to dentistry, delivering more doctors and fewer administrators, and giving thousands of patients the cancer drugs they need” (Conservatives) Currently, there is plenty of criticism surrounding the NHS among the shadow party, one major issue being that the ‘NHS is on a fast track to fragmentation.’ –Andy Burnham the shadow health secretary. “He said politicians needed to challenge the assumption that autonomy always led to improvement. While some organizations had thrived on autonomy, such as inner city teaching hospitals, others had struggled – leading to high profile failures such as the deaths at Mid Staffordshire hospital. We are...
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