British Empire in India – The Practice of Empire

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British Empire in India – The Practice of Empire

Imperialization, the act of a large nation stepping in to another smaller country and inhabiting it or taking over it in hopes of reforming it in their vision. We have seen many recent examples of this with United States doing their form of imperialization in invoking democracy in the Middle East nations such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. These are defiantly moderate examples of the earlier happenings in history such as the British take over of India; they completely took over and for not so popular reasons such as spreading democracy. The British bullied their way into their land for their own personal gain. Over time British military presence grew outside of trading advantages into a numbers game which put pressure on their rulers to a point of them becoming their so called allies, or in history’s point of view prisoners.

The British Colonialization in India was a game of Pros over Cons or Blessings over curses. India wasn’t a free country when British came in, it was actually run by rich Moguls, who were treating the people of India much worse then the British did generally. When Britain came in they removed the rule of the Moghuls, and in a war restored order. So in a sense they did not take over a free country, they instead replaced the Moghuls with a better more effective rule. The infrastructure they put in, building roads, bridges, railways are still standing today-they were very efficient in that respect. Irrigation systems for growing crops in agricultural trade are still used today and were effective then and so they are today. The Moghuls had been there because of the advantages related to trade and agriculture, British came in and supercharged this part of the economy.

The irrigation system and the help in the economy is very one-sided point of view when the other is analyzed. British rule came into India to make use of there farming and manufacturing. Mostly for the advantage of the...
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