British Culture

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British culture has its distinct and unique aspects reflected to long history and traditions in its own. When you observe carefully, you realise that you find a large amount of successful females at workplaces. You see quite a lot of women that have full-time work positions regardless of their ages. It is unusual for people from another cultures to see women taking roles in society. Perhaps due to their religious backgrounds which do not see women outside of the house favourably or simply difference in cultures in which women usually stay at home and taking charge of household chores. It is, however, found to be quite different in UK. It could be because its historical fact that the one who is ruling over the country, the Queen, is a woman. British culture gives a significant power to women, feminism is highly valued and sexual discrimination is not appreciated. Women get equal chances as men do and therefore, they also get equal chances when it comes to jobs. Also, when it comes down to women being a part of the society and making money what men do, men are asked to share household chores with their wives. When women are taking responsibilities and doing what men do, it is expected for men to do what women have to do, such as cleaning, cooking etc. Nonetheless, there have been some concerns. Does women working full-time as men do always have to be interpreted as a good sign? There are known advantages and disadvantages. British cultures always have to be cherished and they have their own distinct cultures that have to be respected.

First of all, men lately tend to help with chores on behalf of working wives. When a household who has a couple both working, it is hard for women to do all the household chores on their own. It is also proven that sharing domestic chores between husbands and wives increasing their chances of career expanding opportunities. “In shared domestic chores between the husbands and wives, females become more freed from...

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