British Colonist Journey to Citizenship

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British Colonist’s Pathway to U.S. Citizen

British Americans traveled far and wide with hope for a better tomorrow. Hope for owning land, growing crops, achieving wealth was on the forefront of the colonist’s minds. British men and women left behind old lives and not so great previous living arrangements to better their lives for generations to come. While the King was invested to conquer and acquire wealth and new territory. This in itself began the very process that started it all. The first colonists gained citizenship because of poor Leadership and a hope for a better life.

Many instances and circumstances and peoples choices went into the correlation of the steps that it took for the colonists to fight for their rights and lives to mean something to have freedom true freedom not just living to fill the pockets of greedy ruler ship. That they themselves could attain what we call the American dream. I believe this is one of the biggest accounts that had to take place was to insight people to want better. Not to settle for less than they deserve. Not to live under the regime of a tyrant but to live under civil liberties that we today get to enjoy and partake in.

The United States went into rebellion in 1775, declared independence as a formal entity in 1776, and ended the Revolutionary War in 1783, which is when it might be said that we became free from the British Empire; the assistance of France was vital in pinning down the British Army and ensuring the surrender of their key forces. That peace (Treaty of Paris) formalized U.S. freedom.

The Peace of Paris and the Treaty of 1763, was signed on 10 February 1763, by the kingdoms of Great Britain, France and Spain, with Portugal in agreement, after Britain's victory over France and Spain during the Seven Years' War. Where the French Gave to Spain territories in America, like Louisiana, though not in full until the early eighteen hundreds known as the Louisiana...

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