British Art Contemporary Exhibition: An Overview of Operations

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Operations Management
This coursework assignment will be primarily based on a tourist attraction in Nottingham called the British Art Contemporary Exhibition. The gallery is open to the public free of charge and in addition to the gallery itself; it also has a gift shop along with a restaurant. The gallery displays pieces of arts for three months before it is transported to another location in England and its primary objective is to promote the artists themselves. The Nottingham exhibit is unique in that the contemporary art pieces are highly marketable and are split between three locations which is a ploy developed by the council to promote tourism as well as usage of the tram line which connects the three locations. The Art exhibition receives grants from many benefactors, the county council being the largest by far, use these grants to loan the collection for a given period before they are transported to a new location. The report will attempt to describe all operations of the gallery including the gift shop and then compare it to the operations of London Zoo. The diagram below shows the gallery being extremely spacious and allows the art pieces to be spread out throughout the gallery. At the gallery one can go to a restaurant or the gift shop which can be considered micro operations and the core facility is the exhibition itself.. Service is the core element to the gallery. If the service was poor then the satisfaction levels of the visitors would be low and visitors would not be persuaded to come back for future visits. The curator who selects the art as well as the display and layout of the gallery whilst being accompanied by well informed and well positioned advisors.

In the above diagram I have outlined the inputs and outputs of the operations present. What is not included here is the evaluation and improvement stage which will be discussed later with the use of questionnaires.

The exhibition is a mass service. Slack , Chambers and Johnston describe a mass service as, “Service processes that have a high number of transactions, often involving limited customisation”. The gallery has a high number of visitors given its type of operations but clearly is not customised to each individual visitor, however it can become slightly customised depending on the visitor if they choose to take advantage of the advisors on hand and to question them about the art on display. Operating as mass service allows the gallery to keep costs down however this does have an effect on quality. The advisors on hand can only converse with a limited number of people at any given time and customers who are not prepared to wait may become dissatisfied with the service provided. On average it is expected that each visitor will take about one hour to inspect all the art pieces on display. This allows ample time for a visitor as they are not rushed through the exhibition whilst being able to take their time to ask questions and to really maximise their experience at the gallery.

The layout of the gallery is a product layout. This is because even though there is not a prescribed route within the gallery, there is a typical flow from one room to the next. More importantly for my argument that it is a product layout is that that the transformed resources, the visitors, flow through the gallery whilst becoming exposed to the transforming resources such as the art pieces and the advisors standing by. The best way to describe the layout would be long and thin.

The gallery is a pure service whilst the Café bar and gift shop is a mixture of the two. Café bar would be located at the restaurant point whilst the gift shop would be located closer to the specialist tool machine production.

The exhibition has both transformed resources as well as transforming resources. The input includes both customers and the art which the gallery rents. The transformed resources are the customers who are transformed by the art as well as...

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