British Airways - a Personal View’

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Assignment A Magazine Article ‘BRITISH AIRWAYS - A Personal View’


You will investigate the British Airways and provide a personal, but informed, view of the company. The assignment will give you the opportunity to apply your understanding of the Business Environment to the analysis of an international business from a range of different perspectives: considering how businesses set their objectives, influence their stakeholders, control their costs and fix their prices within the context of a particular national environment (the UK). The submission should be suitable for publishing in a specialist ‘business’ magazine.


The article based on your investigation and analysis should be no longer than 3,000 words in total and subdivided into a total of 5 sections presented in two separate submissions:

1st Submission:

1. The Mission Statement. Having considered the products and the profile of the company given in the website, produce appropriate vision and mission statements. In addition to the statements, you must justify your choice of wording by the provision of URL links to the website that provided you with the sources of your information.

2. The Stakeholders. Identify the stakeholders that BRITISH AIRWAYS has to consider and, for the most important THREE, consider their importance and how BRITISH AIRWAYS should keep them ‘on board’. Indicate how meeting the needs of these stakeholders complies with the company’s general moral and ethical responsibilities

3. The Economic and Social Environment. BRITISH AIRWAYS is a UK-based firm. Consider how the government and its agencies constrain the way that it can employ its resources (including labour and capital ) both in the UK and overseas


Business Environment analysis

Submited by: Abeer Alzain

To Dr. Ranam Kazzeha

Dated 16/07/09

Table of content


- Mission Statement and Vision

- Stakeholders

- BA general ethical responsibilities

- BA Business environment

- Conclusion

- Reference


British Airways (BA) on of the famous airways in the world contain group of subsidiary companies whish provide several services like holidays, cargo … etc.(1)

BA navy serve 149 destination in 72 countries using 245 aircraft that the BA own as we can find in the company refer in its annual report 2008/09 carrying about 35 million passenger and 900,000 tones of goods all over the world as the survey of 2005.

Over the past decade or so, British Airways has evolved from a loss making, state-owned, to make profit situation but now as all large companies all over the world the BA have dramatically affected by the world economic crises and now it record about 401£ M loss before taxation 32.6p loss on the company share and 53% of its network are ready even that the company Group revenue for 2008/09 record was £8,992 million.

“We are in the grip of a devastating global economic downturn and the next year will be extremely difficult for us. In times of crisis, it is essential that we keep our sights fixed on the future.” (Martin Broughton, BA Chairman. Annual report page no.4)

Mission Vision and objectives:

During the different stage that the company face, BA change the mission statement according to that change in the situation this mission explain the target of the next period of time it was:

“British airways will take people over clouds with high standards of safety , conformability, and hospitality will never be found in another place on the planet, Our goal is to serve people with the utmost of our ability” BA mission statement Annual report 2004/05

And now it become:

“In an incredibly tough trading environment we have to focus hard on pulling ourselves through the immediate crisis, while preparing the business for better economic times. This year we have mapped out a long-term vision for our business. It is to be the world’s...
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