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UNIT 1 Business Environment

Business Environment Analysis of British Airways
Student: Plamen Enchev
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1. Introduction

The notion of business environmental analysis refers to an empirical study concerning the strategic measures and practices that leverage organisations to gain sustainable position irrespective of their business location. In relation to the recent competitive environment of internationalisation, the strategic management processes of the marketers are often observed to build their sustainable position in a global setting (Williamson, 2008; Cherven & Kotler, 2008). Emphasising on the unconventional trend in the recent global business environment, the primary aim of this assignment is to critically identify the business purposes of British Airways Plc. (BA) using a brief description of its mission, vision along with its long and short-term business objectives. The discussion would also focus on describing the extent to which BA addresses different objectives of the stakeholders and explain the key responsibilities of the organisation towards implementing strategies to accomplish them. Moreover, the aim of the assignment is also to understand the nature of the national environment in which BA operates, by evaluating economic system and assessing impact of the fiscal, monetary policy along with competition and regulatory mechanism on BA to achieve its business objectives. In addition, the assignment also tends to explain the current market structure of the airline industry of the UK and reveal how it determines the pricing and output decision on different airline activities of BA. Finally, the assignment will focus on the significance of key global factors that have major influence on the UK business organisations and how they shape the national business activities of BA.


LO 1.1
Founded in 1974, BA has long been witnessed as one of the highly reputed organisations in the global airline business industry. The organisation performs its continuous development through different unprecedented conditions of the global airline industry. In relation to the current business performance, the key purpose of BA is to maintain continuous focus on its strategy of being renowned as the world’s leading premium airline company (British Airways Plc., 2010). Mission and Vision Statement of the Organisation

The mission statement of BA significantly defines delivering of effective airline services by acting responsibly to ensure better customers experience with adequate safety and confidence while flying to their respective destinations. With due regards to the mission statement of BA, providing adequate safety along with increasing confidence of the customers is the utmost factor while delivering its airline services. Correspondingly, the vision statement of BA fundamentally reflects its strategic directions that are aligned with the key objectives of the organisation. In this regard, the vision statement of the organisation defines that the actions undertaking by BA meets the objective of delivering outstanding airline services to each customer with an unstinting focus (British Airways Plc., 2010). Short-term and Long-term Business objectives

In the context of short and long-term objectives, maintaining adequate focus on the key strategic directions towards becoming a leading premium airline service provider in the globe can be duly considered as a long-term objective of the organisation. In addition, continues focus of cost-based efficient services and unstinting focus on providing outstanding customer service can also be regarded as few of the key attributes underlying the long-term objectives of BA (British Airways Plc., 2010). Correspondingly, the short-term objective of BA also defines a competitive set of actions in accordance with its key business goals. In this regard, maintaining steady focus on its extraordinary and competitive business strategy to become a leading service...

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