British Airways

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The 4 Ps «Marketing Mix»
British Airways
1) Introduction:
* History of the company
* Marketing Mix
2) Applying theory
* Product
* Place
* Price
* Promotion
3) Conclusion

British Airways was established in 1971. In 31 march 1984 it was including 2 national airline companies (BOAC, BEA) and 2 regional airline companies (Cambrian airways, Northeast airlines).BA which is for British Airlines is one of the members of Oneworld airline alliance with such companies as American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qantas and Canadian Airlines. Also it is member of International Airlines Group. Nowadays British Airways is using strategy of Marketing Mix including 4p’s. First of all, what is it Marketing Mix of 4 p’s? “Marketing Mix” is said for different performances which companies have to choose to bring a product or service to market. Marketing Mix 4 p’s:

* Product: characteristics and features
* Price: pricing strategies
* Place: location, distribution channels
* Promotion: advertising, promoting to the customers
Going into more deep and applying this theory to such company as British Airways I can say that Product strategy is the main strategy of Marketing Mix (4 P’S). Without Product strategy there is no Place, Price and Promotion. Speaking about BA it is transporting industry its product is not physical and cannot be touched. British Airways product strategy includes flight services, quality of flights, various destinations across Europe and the world, executive class, business class, speed, security, support facilities and years of experience. Nowadays, the main aircrafts which BA uses to transport people are Airbus A318-100, Airbus A319-100, Airbus A320-200, Airbus A321-200, Airbus A380-800, Boeing 737–400, Boeing 747-400, Boeing 767-300ER, Boeing 777–200, Boeing 777-200ER, Boeing 777-300ER, Boeing 787–8, Boeing 787–9. Most of the airplanes which are 77% use either Rolls-Royce or IAE alliance...
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