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I.F.S Geography stage 2

Topic: to explore the issues surrounding the Britannia Roundabout and why there have been so many accidents over the years. The idea of improving the Roundabout versus the environmental effects and the redevelopment cost

The issue I have chosen comes under the urbanization option. The Britannia Roundabout is an infamous roundabout intersection near the city centre of Adelaide. Many minor accidents have occurred over the years at this traffic black spot. The five roads in clockwise order are Fullarton Road (to the north), Kensington Road to the east, Fullarton Road (to the south), Wakefield Road (to the west) and Dequetteville Terrace (to the northwest). All five roads are two lanes incoming. I am going to explore the issues surrounding the Britannia Roundabout and why there have been so many accidents over the years. The idea of improving the Roundabout versus the environmental effects and the redevelopment costs. I am going to use primary and secondary sources to help me complete my work.

This is a map of where my chosen issue is located

Source : Google maps 4th September

The Methods

In this paragraph the methods used to investigate the issue shall be explored. With reference to my primary sources, I visited Britannia roundabout on a week day evening to take photographs of the roundabout at peak time to try and show how congested the roundabout can get at peak times and how this makes it a hazard due to its inefficient flow of traffic . I also visited local shops, specifically shops on both sides Kensington road leading up to the roundabout, as it only makes sense that some of these people would have to use the roundabout to commute to work every day. I surveyed on average 1-2 people in each shop. Altogether I surveyed twenty people, less than the recommended thirty the reason for this is that I only had twenty copies when I undertook my survey. I don’t think it will make a difference on the bias viewpoint, as I cannot see how surveying ten more people would have made that much of a difference to the outcome of the results. We were advised to visit our chosen site more than once; I visited my site twice to see whether the level of traffic varied depending on the time I was there. The first time I visited was a weekday evening. It was obvious to me that the traffic was at a significantly high level due to the inefficient flow of traffic on the roundabout. This was also shown by the photos I collected. The second time I visited the site was about midday on a weekday, there was significantly less traffic at this time therefore there seemed to be a better flow of traffic going through the roundabout. When using secondary sources to help me with my research I found epnet very useful (EP.NET, LLC. provides a variety of services to the Internet community. These include publication of Internet exchange facilities worldwide, links to supporting organizations, documentation on exchange creation and operation, and statistical information) as it had at least five articles that have been a great help to me in completing my project. One explained how putting money into improving the roundabout would put less urgency on drink driving on speeding. Which I think is an excellent idea because there is an average of one hundred crashes on Britannia roundabout a year, I explored the issues of why this number is so high in my survey the options I gave them were as followed. Option 1: the primary problem is the roundabout itself; it is a terrible way to organize traffic. Option 2: the primary problem is the drivers that use the roundabout; some drivers have no idea how to use the roundabout properly. Option 3: The reason there are so many accidents is a mixture of poor drivers and a poorly organized roundabout. Option 4: Any other reason the participant thought was the main cause of all the accidents...

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Yellow lines = Roads entering the roundabout
Figure 2
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