"Britain Was Wrong to Send Its Army to Northern Ireland." Do You Agree?

Topics: Irish Republican Army, Northern Ireland, British Army Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: July 22, 2013
“Britain was wrong to send its army to Northern Ireland” How far do you agree with this statement? Explain your answer.
The British army was sent to Northern Ireland to restore peace in August 1969 when serious rioting broke out.
Britain was not wrong to send its army to Northern Ireland because the intention was right. Britain decided to send its army to Northern Ireland to help control the riots to maintain peace and order. British army was also welcomed by the Irish Catholics as their defenders against the Protestant violence. The British army in Northern Ireland was sent to enforce law and maintain order in Northern Ireland thus Britain was not wrong. Britain was wrong to send its army to Northern Ireland as the Catholics were unfairly treated. The good relation between the Catholics and the British army did not last long. When the “internment laws” was introduced by the Northern Ireland government in August 1971, the British army was given the power to arrest, interrogate and detain without trail anyone suspected of being involved in any acts to weaken the government. Also, British imposed curfews, internment and house-to-house searches in Catholic areas. They could not tell Catholics from Protestants; neither did they know the local situation well. The British army’s actions were unfair to the Catholics and angered them. Therefore, Britain was wrong to send its army to Northern Ireland.

Britain was wrong to send its army to Northern Ireland as it worsened the long conflict in the country. On 30 January 1972, the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association (NICRA) organized a protest against the internment and the ban on the right to march. During the march, violence broke out. Civilians used stones and other missiles to bombard soldiers. Soldiers responded with rubber bullets, CS gas and water cannons. In the process, 13 civilians were killed by the British Army. This incident was called the “Bloody Sunday”. The Bloody Sunday incident fanned hatred and...
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